Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wellness Challenge

The Challenge begins Monday, August 24th. You must pay a contribution of $10 ($10.50 if by paypal to cover paypal fees) by August 22nd! This money will be used as prize money for the challenger(s) with the most points and a raffle or two for challengers who receive at least 60% of their points (complete an average of 6 of the 10 daily goals).

Once you've paid your dues, please e mail me at larsnponch@msn.com, a picture of you :) with a quote that is 90 characters or less... preferably one that has to do with why you're doing this challenge. I will add it to the side bar, which is where we will keep track of your points each week.

I will send everyone a chart to keep track of your points and more instructions the day before we start!


Each item is worth 1 point, with a possible 10 points per day

1. 7 hrs. of sleep (not necessarily consecutive - naps count too!)

2. 48 oz. of water

3. 30 minutes of exercise (not necessarily consecutive)

4. 2 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit

5. No soda, beer, wine, unhealthy snacks (ex: potato chips), or bad fast food (anything fried!)

6. No sweets. (Desserts, pastries, sugary snacks & cereals) * Sugar-Free alternatives are OK.

7. No eating after dinner/8pm

8. 15 min. of scripture reading (or spiritual text if you don't do scripture)

9. One journal entry (any length)

10. Express sincere appreciation, love or praise to your spouse (if single, to another person)

Note: You have one free point, PER CATEGORY, PER WEEK. One free point for exercise, one free point for soda/fast food/unhealthy snacks, one free point for sweets, etc. You do not have 10 free points to use however you choose -they are NOT interchangeable and if you choose not to use a free point in a category, it is gone at weeks end. You could also just choose to have one "free" day where all points are free (which is less confusing), but we are allowing for flexibility and success!

Exceptions: **You are excused from the sweet rule on YOUR BIRTHDAY. **You are allowed three sick days where you are excused (only) from exercising and eating veg/fruit/water [if you can’t eat/drink] This is ONLY to be used if you are indeed sick.


  1. Wow. No more chocolate or root beer? That will be so hard for me. When does this end and also what if your going on vacation soon for a week and doing most these things would be impossible?

  2. It lasts 12 weeks. So... is that November 16th that it ends? Vacations are suuuper hard. I went on a vacation on the last one and lost a few points. However... some of the others that were doing it with me went on vacation as well and kept it up the whole time. Impressive!

  3. So, do you use Sunday as your free day for exercise and work out all 6 other days?

  4. Yes, that is what I did for exercise. It was hard to get used to at first, but you get used to fitting in shorter workouts through out the day if you have to. And in the one I did before it was 45 minutes. I thought 30 minutes would be more accesible.

  5. So, if you have dinner before 8pm, you're done for the day?

  6. I always did whatever came last. So I wouldn't eat after 8, unless for some strange reason I hadn't had dinner yet. Then I would have dinner and be done.