Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 2&3 combo Holly (132) Jon (138)

ACK !! Didn't post week two and here is week three .... The biggest challenge for use was travelling with family to see family ... Cram 7 plus a dog into the Tahoe and add all the snack foods and soda .... let me tell you, sitting in the middle seat in the middle row is NOT where you want to be ... especially with soda drinkers on either side of you. LOL BUT, I'm happy to say I've not had a sip o' soda since the start of the challenge. I'm not freaking out every day like I thought I would, but there are days when I really, really, want it. I don't dare have one on the free days, because I'm not sure I'll be able to "get back on the wagon" LOL Surely I'm not soda-free for life, but it's been good for me to see that I can actually do it. Saturday we were running all day and stopped for lunch, I nearly caved and then thought, good heavens. If I start now, the last 3 weeks of "cold turkey" will have been in vain. (I know, my mind is WACK)
While we lost some points while on the road, overall, I'm still happy about what we've done. My head's been focused on less snacking and eating better foods. (I'd never considered almonds great road trip food, but hey...) And I'm happy about our routine of scriptures/journaling which we tend to do more together than independently as we previously did. Jon had vacation time before he started at the new practice ... this week has proven a bit more challenging as far as getting my workout that he's back to work, I'm finding myself busy with other project and having to remind myself about the workout. LOL But, passing that chart on the fridge helps. I would like to say that I did think think I'd see better results by this point, but I'll be patient. At least it's doing something for my head. LOL
OK ... this is much too long a post ... about something that mean nothing to anyone else by me ... but it's been awhile since I've taken time to log on. Thank you for your patience. ha..ha...
Hope everyone is doing well and keepup the good work!!
Holly week 2 65
week 3 67
Jon week 2 68
week 3 70

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  1. There have been quite a few vacationers these last few weeks!! I must say you still did quite well for having gone on an impromptu vacation!! shoot, I just remembered I need to come get those table things....