Monday, November 16, 2009

62 and done

Well, I kind of bombed on Laura's last challenge (maybe my brain read that as "get your lowest score so far!") but other than that, I enjoyed the challenge. The best part was looking back and realizing the areas where I really did well (scripture study, journal, exercise, no soda or fast food). Many weeks I didn't even need a free point for them. It was great! I also made it a habit to drink more water and eat more fruits & veggies, so that was a plus.

As for the no sweets rule, that really killed me. I learned pretty early on that trying to have only one free day a week meant that I felt it necessary to stuff myself with every sweet thing I wanted because I knew I wouldn't get anything else for another week. Which meant I had a 3000 calorie day and went nuts with cravings the rest of the week. It worked a lot better when I could have one cookie out of the dozen I was making for class treats, or a small slice of cake at my brother-in-law's birthday without worrying about it. Since I already keep a food diary and I have been exercising like a madwoman, small treats every day were a much better way to keep my calorie intake even.

I enjoyed it, Laura, thanks for inviting us! (And now I'm going to enjoy not stressing about whether I should sacrifice my points for sleep or stay up and write in my journal!)

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  1. The first challenge I did I got sick for the first two weeks and was forced to lose points for exercise. It was good for me because then I wasn't too stressed about a perfect score and when my sweet free day came around i could have a nice treat and be done. This time was totally different! When my sweet day came around, especially the last couple of weeks I went crazy! Even eating ice cream at 11 at night because I knew I couldn't have it for another week! Anyway, I think you had a really good idea. If I ever take this challenge again, I don't think I will try to get a perfect score. I'm glad I did it once, but I'm not crazy enough to try again!!