Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I took a victory lap around my house with my arms in the air on Sunday night. Jimmy laughed at me but I think he understands my happiness.
I'm with everyone else; I am so happy to not have to think so much about everything anymore! No more stuffing my mouth with 10 baby carrots at 7:55p.m.!! No more exercising at 10:30 at night!!! Not that that happened very often, but enough that I'm happy to move on. :)
I'm also so happy I did it again! I feel like I learn so much from trying to keep these 10 goals. Aside from having a whole slew of healthy eating ideas, my journal has never been kept better and my husband has no doubt how much I love him! He especially liked it when I said something nice yesterday and I didn't have to! "See? Now you know I've been telling the truth for the last 12 weeks!"
CONGRATULATIONS again to everyone who made it!!!

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  1. Congratulations to Laura and Amber! That was quite a challenge - one worth celebrating. I certainly hope you are going to buy yourselves a new outfit for those new fit and toned bodies of yours. I only wish I could have continued in the challenge. Kudos to you!!! Michele