Monday, September 7, 2009

Jamie 52, 37 James 56, 48 Our struggles with perfection

So we're a little late reporting our points but here goes....

Jamie week #1 - 52

James week #1 - 56

Jamie week #2 - 37

James week #2 - 48

Wow this challenge is hard. I'm doing good with most of it but the lack of journal writing and 2 veggies a day is killing my points. Maybe we should get extra points if we exercise longer than 30 minutes a day....that offsets the sweet and soda right? James

I officially suck with sweets and soda. Planning on doing better on week 3. Anyone need a workout partner? Jamie


  1. Jamie, I always tell you to come do yoga booty with me!! James... another great idea for the NEXT challenge! but not this one, sorry

  2. Finally, i thought you two had jumped ship! You can do this Jamie, just stay focused. Words of wisdom from Mother!