Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Hardest Part

Why is that I'm having the hardest time expressing sincere admiration to my husband???? How can that possibly be harder than not eating junk food? (It's not that I don't appreciate him-- just making sure I tell him is awkward. Oh, and finding some time in the day when we're in the same room together is not so easy either. . . .)


  1. That makes me smile. When I did this last time, every time I said something nice to Jimmy he would tell me I can "go check it off the list now." But it just made it that much more important to make sure it was sincere! It's funny now that we're both doing it... I get to see it from the other side. :)

  2. I usually have no problem praising my husband up and down. I probably tell him 10 times a day how good looking he is and how I feel lucky to have him. But for some reason the last two days I have been super irritated at him and really had to tell myself why I was grateful to him that day and say it. He didn't notice one way or the other.

  3. Tonight we were checking out our neighbors yard that is being installed. Jon wanted to show me another one down the street and I just didn't want to go I'm so tired tonight I just wanted to get the boys to bed and follow suit. He persuaded/guilted me to go. As we walked down the block this voice in my head was saying "OK, Jon THIS VERY ACT is my way of saying I sincerely appreciate you!" LOL