Thursday, August 27, 2009

me and the bar

nikki --- i was in alaska at this cool bar. i was donating a dollar to the childrens miracle network and i was ready to get on the bar and break into coyote ugly style!! i was also a blonde ... which i miss. we are now at 60 points this week. we are not letting down girlie!! :) BRING IT ON BABE!


  1. we're at 80 now. i'm just letting you know.............. :D

  2. 80 here too missy! i am super sore too. i am doing these crazy workouts and it hurts soooo good. i am hating that i have stairs, my legs are killing me!

  3. Kristin I am so confused how you went to Alaska to dance on a bar and you didn't invite me it because I am prego....well you were also recently and you know what it is like to want to get the baby out. So, next time invite me will you!?