Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I did it! For one day at least. .

I got all ten points yesterday. If I can keep it up. I will be taking all of your guys' money and going to buy me some new skinny clothes! Ha.


  1. :) Hurray for you!! Good job. ...only I should tell you now that i'm planning on taking the money and buying skinny clothes.... sorry. ;)

  2. I'm planning on taking the money and installing a fountain machine in the yard. I will have a LOT of make-up drinking to do by then. ha ha ha The good news is that I dont' need new skinny clothes ... I have a closet FULL of them! LOL

  3. Okay....it being the fact that I, Grandma to Hutchings babies, am by far the biggest and oldest of this "Wellness Challenge" bunch will definately be taking this money from you young whipper snappers and buying "skinny clothes". Well maybe not skinny.....but definately smaller.
    Michele (Shelly)