Sunday, August 30, 2009

66 Points- Boo

I am pretty disappointed. I really thought with the free points I could do the full 70 points. I am pretty sure there are some people that will pull off a perfect score and so I feel like I have already blown my chances of winning, which is a huge bummer to say the least. I guess now it's just about remembering why I decided to do this in the first place. It wasn't just to win. I want to change my habits. I want to do better in all of these areas. I know that my wellness is important and that these are things that I want to do consistantly. So let's hope I can do better next time and not give up.
On the upside, I am seeing my habits change already. I am not craving coke as much as I thought I would and my muscles are sore. In a good way.
So, party on Garth.


  1. no worries, 66 is still GREAT!! That means you got most of the points!! And remember no matter what you will still get a chance at a RAFFLE if you stay with it. :) So glad you're doing this with us!! ...sorry you had sick kids this week... i remember reading that somewhere, right?

  2. Hey 66 is still in it to win it!!! You never no what can happen along the way to the rest of us, so stay with it. We are all still in this!! Great job!!!

  3. Robin, you're still kicking! I figured from the beginning the best I could do was the raffle. LOL But we push and surprise ourselves You're going to do great this week - Plus you powered down a Spinich Shake. Not something you'll likely ever hear from me!! LOL Good luck with week 2 - you're going to do AWESOME!!!