Monday, August 31, 2009


Wahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! We are both sad we lost points last week, but Austyn told me from the beginning it was never about winning, it was about him feeling better! I totally agree (although the money would have been nice.... doubt it's possible now!!!!)

However, both of our point losses were NOT for soda or fast food!!!!! YAY!!! (Although, Austyn went a little crazy with soda on his free day... is there a number you can go over, or is it just a free for all the whole day? He totally threw away all the good he did the whole week on that one day!!!)

Okay, any good ideas to get motivated to exercise???????????????


  1. Finding a friend to work out with was key for me. If you and your hubs can't go together try to find a friend who can go with you. When my friend can't go I do a DVD at home. My favorite- Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. It is good, but also not too long.

  2. technically it's a free day....

    Sorry you were sick last week :p such a bummer way to start the challenge!! That's how I started last time, though, and I still ended up loving it. :)

    My idea to get motivated for exercise-Try Yoga Booty Ballet!!!!

  3. dance,, dance that stinky monkey off your back,,, YEAhhhhh