Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ahhhh!!! D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R

We took an impromptu overnight to Sedona ... Flagstaff ... Prescott and came home thru Phoenix, which turned into an overnight with my folks ... which has turned into a weekend in San Diego with the fam. Normally tons of fun, however .... Can I just say NOOOOO We have a challenge to do!!!!! LOL
So I've totally had to slack with the exercise routine - I don't think the pool really counts as a workout. But you do have to swim with kids attached to you. LOL Did do a hike in Oak Creek (had the dog who was banned from the water. so we hit the trails while Jon and the boys enjoyed the H2O) Still no soda - but please, how many FF salads can one person stand!!!! Calgon ..... So, needless to say - with every meal on the road - the whole FF point thing is out the window.
On the flip side, we've traveled with scriptures and journals and I still can't believe we've survived road trips without soda ... scratch that. without caffeine. (Really? Not one Mr Dew to stay awake and punchy? Amaza-za-za-zing!)
So, there you have it - we'll be back late Monday or early Tuesday so we'll be tardy in posting our points, but now that I write it out, it's not looking quite so doom and gloom. And ha..ha...
Missed checking out your posts though - See you all next week.
(on a side note Laura & Amber ... if you don't see Ian on Tues, you'll know where we are, but I'm pretty sure we'll be back in time. :) And L, did you get the little "gift" in your door the other day? Just want to be sure it was found. )


  1. I'm thinking if you didn't have caffeine and your driving a long distance.....that's pretty darn good!

  2. Holly we missed Ian on Thursday and hope you make it back in time. I got the check you put in my door, no worries!! Good job on the no soda thing, amazing!! I can't wait to hear how you ended up in San Diego!

  3. WOW! Sounds like a SUPER FUN impromptu trip! Sounds like you did pretty good though! I'm guessing that you meant little "gift" on Amber's door and yes she got that. :)