Monday, August 31, 2009

70 points for Holly & Jon Russell

OK .... if you can get credit for unused "free points" then I woulds actually have 74 and Jon 78 ... I thought about using the free points for Soda, but I am still standing a week later ... and No Soda. Seriously, the last time I knocked off the soda it was with the help of morphine. LOL I had fully expected to sacrifice a point each day to soda but after going this far, I'm hoping I can keep it at bay. Not sure it will be so easy to stay off it once I get a taste of that carbonated bliss!!
I'm surprised at how easy the week was ... OK not easy, but surprised it hasn't been as horrible as I anticipated. And I'm proud of myself for not using all my freebie points. (I'm sure many of you didn't use yours either ... but seriously, I'm a mess. HA) Thought about posting my uber-sexy "before" photo" to shame myself into compliance, but thankfully, I haven't downloaded it them yet. LOL (trust me it puts the My Biggest Loser folks to shame. ugh...)

It's been really great to have Jon doing it too - takes a bit of the edge off and it's nice to compare and remind each other to grab another F&V or workout together. A nice bonus! The best part has been Ian joining me each day to exercise. He'll holler from the other room when he hears the music starting, "Don't exercise without me!!" and come running in. He prefers the YBB Latin Flavor and is not a fan of one particular Yoga Vid. ha..ha I love when he sits on the floor in the "easy pose" with his hands in prayer position and asks. "can I open my eyes yet?"

Thanks to everyone for you posts, I love reading them and am so thrilled we're doing this! Here's to a Successful Week 2!!


  1. Awesome job guys!! Holly you are too funny, seriously you make me laugh always-I love it!!!
    This is a great experience and it makes it fun to have so many of us in it together!!!

  2. I love that Ian exercises with you! :) My boys do too. Carson is hilarious, he takes his shirt of and put's on my hairbands like their sweatbands and grabs my weights. And today Jakey was so funny running all around trying to do the dance moves from the video. Gotta love it, even when you have to tell them to move all the time so they don't get trampled!!

    Yay for doing so good! Sorry you don't get extra points for unused free days.... that would kind of defeat the purpose of having a freebie..... hmmmm...