Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it just me,, ok first 60 big ones for me please.. but no really

so its getting closer to that hour,, you know the dreaded 8pm curfew of sorts.... and then well I kind of go into "hey the world just might blow up tomorrow and well I need to eat b/4 its too late & its all over" and ok i dont eat the bad stuff,, but like the fruits, and yes V8 juice too.. well at times I must admit I almost thought about baking a cake or running to Safeway for a slice of some yummy chocolate cake.... don't worry I dont , my mind tells me "DO IT, JUst go NOW!!! then I come back to real world & I drink lots of H2O and go for bike ride, walk, shawdow box, dance anything to get that monkey off my back, Ha Ha, you bad monkey..... i hate that monkey.
;) keep up the good fight ya'll

1 comment:

  1. Dora, you are cracking me up tonight!! ....bad monkey. You are doing a GOOD JOB keeping him off your back! Keep it up. :)